Wearing one of the sustainable pieces by Malaika New York will give you all the feels. And first of all, who wouldn’t want to feel sassy and a little bad ass-y?

Malaika is a New York based apparel brand that produces sustainable apparel and accessories. The statement pieces offer unique designs, and minimalistic vibes, all while giving off a kind of futuristic feel.

I dare you to wear one of the designs and not feel like a bad ass.

the sustainable square space jacket

Knowledge drop: Did you know that the apparel industry is one of the biggest waste-producing ones out there? Personally, I for one, did not know that!

Well, here’s the really notable part. Malaika uses ZERO waste patterns, which means they design their garments using a technique to drape the fabric in a way that minimizes waste.

Pretty impressive, huh? As a result, you get a high quality garment that was made with little to no materials wasted. The future of our planet thanks you {heart emoji}…

The brand produces garments with such a progressive mindset and long-term wearability to make a bold statement now and in the future.

S Q U A R E    S P A C E    J A C K E T

The Square Space Jacket is super soft and just perfect for transitioning through seasons. Wear it as a twist to the traditional bomber jacket, or layer it. However you style it, it’s sure to become a new favorite jacket in your wardrobe. With it’s oversized zipper and high neck, play with it and have fun…even go incognito if you wish! {wink}

Z E R O    V E S T

The happy surprise underneath the jacket…

Ok. Not gonna lie, wearing the Zero Vest made me feel like a total rockstar. Edgy and bad ass. I was instantly a superhero, ready to kick some ass and conquer. It comes in other colors too, but you guys know me by now. How could I ever possibly go with any other color when PINK is an option? So in love with this vest {swoon…}

And now, drum roll for the especially relevant part – a tree is planted for The Canopy Project in East Africa for each garment sold!

How cool is that? Feel good fashion. You guys know I’m all about it!

Have a little fun with your style while supporting a brand that I stand behind, and who is doing some good in this crazy world of ours.

Check out the entire collection HERE.

Stay edgy, be bold, have fun, and do good things.

xo Karen

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Omg this Square space jacket is everything!! I just checked out the website and I love their designs! The fact that they prevent waste is a huge bonus!!


Isn’t it cool? I love that about this brand. Thanks for checking it out, girl!
xoxo Karen


Love it! Look good while doing good! It’s a win win!


Hey Les! Yea, it’s exactly why I love this brand so much. I’m in love with both pieces shown here.
xoxo Karen

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