I’ll admit that I don’t always get my nails done but when I have an event or I’m going on vacation, it’s on! Nails are a just part of the look. A woman can be wearing the chicest clothes, but if your nails aren’t right, something’s missing.

This is my latest mani, all vacation ready! It screams Cali, don’t you think? {ok, maybe Valentine’s Day, but whatever…} I love it! I like a good pop of color and I happen to favor the pink and red tones. What can I say? I’m a girly girl.


As a full time working wife and mama to a 6-year old, I don’t always take part in the luxury of getting my nails done. Forget about it. I love a good manicure, but let’s be real…with all the cooking, washing dishes and doing laundry, I wanna fight someone the minute my polish chips! Alas…amen for gel manis! I treat myself to gel manicures right before a vacation and they seriously last for 2 weeks. It’s a must! Granted, I’m not going to a beach vacation this time but I still want my nails to be fun!


This is my nail technician & artist, Susanna. She’s so talented and just the sweetest. I showed her a picture from Pinterest that I’ve been wanting for months and she made it happen. I’m so super in love with my nails. Thank you, Susanna!

Check out the salon digs below. Their pedicure seats are so comfortable and the whole salon is super neat and clean!

pedi stations wide shot

These are the talented and sweet “Pink Ladies” of Q Nail Boutique. Go see them. They’ll take care of you and you’ll leave one happy pampered chica.

pink ladies

Girls just wanna have fun. I love a good manicure before vacation!

What are your vacation prep rituals?

xo Karen

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I really love the nails!!


Thanks Lii!

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