Whatever it is you do, networking with people who share the same interests is a fun and valuable use of your time. Here I’m sharing a few moments from a LOFT Style Event that I attended on Friday night hosted by the beautiful Jessica from This Season’s Gold.

I actually met Jessica through Instagram! She’s such a nice person with amazing style. It’s funny how you can encounter like-minded people through social media and how it can help grow your brand. I met and mingled with a lovely group of people that night (designers, bloggers, etc.) AND I walked away with a cute top that I’m in love with! Thank you, Jessica and LOFT!

Here are a couple more pictures from that night.

When your shoe game is on point, you take a close up! #shoefie

Me and Jessica:


My shoes on the left are from Zara. I’ve been so obsessed with everything in there lately that I go back almost every day to pick something up that caught my eye the last time. It probably doesn’t help that the store is on the same block where I work, but anyhoo…these shoes are cute, classy and comfortable! They’ll be my go-to pair, especially when I don’t have time to get a pedi {cheesy smile}…

And Jessica’s shoes are perfect! Which reminds me I need to get some cute open toe shoes for the season!

Here I am making a connection & exchanging business cards with a fellow blogger attending the event.


I’m still a newbie at blogging but I can tell you that I’m all in. If I could quit my day job and just do this, I’d be a happy camper. Lifestyle blogging all day! And coffee of course.

Go to local events that meet your interests. Meet new people. Make connections. You never know where you’ll find the next opportunity.

Find your passion, do what you love, and keep networking!

xo Karen

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Excellent! Definitely, you should always do what you love! Love the shoes as well 🙂


Thanks Lii 🙂


Karen, it was such pleasure to meet you! I love your style and positive attitude! I agree that just letting loose and being creative is so exciting and energizing to the soul! Thank you for coming to my style event! I hope that we meet again soon!
xoxo, Jessica


Thanks for all the love and positive feedback, Jessica. You are always so fabulous with amazing style, and are one of my mentors xo Karen

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