Can you believe that I was featured in the May issue of Redbook magazine?! Yay! The day from beginning to end and the shoot for “The Magic of a Great Dress” was such a dream come true. Also worth noting is that it was quite possibly the longest time I’ve ever had to keep something under … Continue Reading

Almost everyone will say to me, “But you don’t even look sick!”, responding in shock when I tell them I have MS, otherwise known as Multiple Sclerosis. The truth is that I’ve had MS for over 10 years. I was diagnosed in December 2005 when I was 29 years old, and I’ll never forget that day. … Continue Reading

Different is its own kind of beautiful. I guess you can say that I’ve always been a little different, even daring. I’ve never really been one to follow rules. I mean, yes, I come from a traditional Latin background and even went to Catholic school my whole life, so I followed rules then, but no, I … Continue Reading

This will not be your “typical” post about New York Fashion Week, but then again, I’m not your typical blogger. I know it’s a dream for a lot of people to be a part of it, and I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit it’s personally been a dream of my own … Continue Reading

Blogiversary is a word that I never even thought would exist in my vocabulary, but hey, here I am, and here it is. Today, Karen Ever After turns one! That’s right, guys. I’ve been at the blogging game for one year as of today. And in just one year, I’ve learned so much and made … Continue Reading