Brunch so Exquisite and Divine for All

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? It basically means that you slept in late and get to combine breakfast with lunch. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the cocktails. I mean, win win…am I right? What comes to mind when you think of brunch? For me, it’s divine comfort foods and amazing drinks with exquisite company. … Continue Reading

Social Media. Finding Balance.

You guys, social media is taking over our lives! No doubt it’s great for newsworthy items, and spreading awareness using social status and influence among your followers. But I can’t help but notice that everyone is obsessed with oversharing. All of us…you and me both! What people are wearing, what they’re eating, what they’re reading, … Continue Reading

I left my heart in…Arizona?! Go…Trust Me

I know what you’re thinking. Arizona? How could someone love Arizona so much?…in the SUMMER!!!  The truth is that I’ve been there before with my husband, but this time we took our 8 years old son and seeing it through his eyes, it was like the first time. We landed in Phoenix, and I’m not … Continue Reading

Style is More than Fashion Alone

What comes to mind when you think of style? For me, style is more than just fashion. It’s more than only about appearances. Style is also the way a person carries themselves and the way in which they behave. It’s about having class and being the kind of person who supports and lifts others up. … Continue Reading

MS Warrior Since 2005

Almost everyone will say to me, “But you don’t even look sick!”, responding in shock when I tell them I have MS, otherwise known as Multiple Sclerosis. The truth is that I’ve had MS for over 10 years. I was diagnosed in December 2005 when I was 29 years old, and I’ll never forget that day. … Continue Reading