Brunch so Exquisite and Divine for All

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? It basically means that you slept in late and get to combine breakfast with lunch. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the cocktails. I mean, win win…am I right? What comes to mind when you think of brunch? For me, it’s divine comfort foods and amazing drinks with exquisite company. … Continue Reading

Brunch is Always a Good Idea

I love a good brunch. I’m a little ashamed to say I can’t even remember the last official brunch I went to. And as if that isn’t enough, it’s also been a while since I connected with my only sister (which is even worse, I know). I’m not gonna lie – we have some family … Continue Reading

Rainy Days at Home Mean Comfort Food

When you have a family, it’s easy to get lost in everyone else’s needs. I’m lucky enough to have moments alone when I can just luxuriate and do whatever I want. On rainy¬†winter days, for me, that usually means curling up with a good book and enjoying some good old fashioned comfort food, like this … Continue Reading


Hooray for FriYAY! Sometimes, a girl needs a cupcake…or four {shrug}… Thanks to Magnolia Bakery for these beautiful¬†treats. Happy weekend! xo Karen Follow my blog with Bloglovin  

Tuesday is the new Friday

Not everyone enjoys talking in tangents. Most people want to be able to finish an entire train of thought without being interrupted ~ sarcasm ~ Not me and my bestie. Nope. We have so much to talk about that we interrupt each other ALL the time. We don’t give a damn! (in a good way … Continue Reading