Sustainable & Futuristic Fashion

Wearing one of the sustainable pieces by Malaika New York will give you all the feels. And first of all, who wouldn’t want to feel sassy and a little bad ass-y? Malaika is a New York based apparel brand that produces sustainable apparel and accessories. The statement pieces offer unique designs, and minimalistic vibes, all while giving off a … Continue Reading

Doing Good in the World Never Goes Out of Style

Chic and affordable fashion that does good in the world? Sign me up! I can’t tell you how happy and proud it makes me to be collaborating with Studio15 NYC, a boutique company based out of New York City that does good in the world with every item sold. For every item sold on their site, … Continue Reading

Style is More than Fashion Alone

What comes to mind when you think of style? For me, style is more than just fashion. It’s more than only about appearances. Style is also the way a person carries themselves and the way in which they behave. It’s about having class and being the kind of person who supports and lifts others up. … Continue Reading

Redbook: Lights, Camera, Action!

Can you believe that I was featured in the May issue of Redbook magazine?! Yay! The day from beginning to end and the shoot for “The Magic of a Great Dress” was such a dream come true. Also worth noting is that it was quite possibly the longest time I’ve ever had to keep something under … Continue Reading

Be You and Dare to be Different

Different is its own kind of beautiful. I guess you can say that I’ve always been a little different, even daring. I’ve never really been one to follow rules. I mean, yes, I come from a traditional Latin background and even went to Catholic school my whole life, so I followed rules then, but no, I … Continue Reading