What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? But I think no one really tells you exactly how to prepare for what to do there, especially when you’re in your mid-30s or…40.

Well, I recently got back from a whirlwind trip which was amazing, and I’m offering you some tips. So if you’re in your 30s or 40s, I think it’s probably a good idea to heed my advice. Here are my top 5 tips.

  1. Take your bestie with you. I went with mine who I’ve been friends with for 25 years now. We met in high school cheerleading tryouts…so yea, enough said. Grab your bestie and go to Vegas. It’s a guaranteed good time. Here’s mine.
  2. Eat well. Make reservations. You’re not in your 20s anymore. If you’re in Vegas, something tells me you have some disposable money to spend. My restaurant recommendations:
    • China Pablano in The Cosmopolitan Hotel (a fusion of Mexican and Chinese cuisine with the most mind-blowing carnitas tacos I’ve ever had in my life…in fact, tacos so good that I didn’t even take a picture. I just dug right in…there is no evidence via Instagram or Snapchat of my tacos…nope…so delicious)!
    • Beauty & Essex (it’s a scene…swanky, beautiful and full of the grown and sexy…you’ll drop a pretty penny in here, but if you order right, it’s so worth it)…plus the lounge area after dinner and drinks is amazing and plays just the right music.
    • Egg Slut…for the day after…if you’re a fan of a good old breakfast sandwich like me, or just need a cure for the ultimate hangover, just yes, all day…hell yes. Do it, eat it, love it…you’re welcome.
    • Carbone in the Aria Resort & Casino (possibly the best Italian food I’ve ever had in my life! Everything I ordered was delicious. From the bread, to the baked clams, to the spicy rigatoni with vodka sauce…you’ll definitely spend some money…it was pricey but why not? When you’re grown and worth it, go on, spend it. You deserve the best. Definitely a must have if you’re in Vegas). These were just some appetizers.
    • Sneaky Late Night Pizza (sadly, my friend and I were drunk so I can’t tell you the actual name of this place cause I don’t remember…but it’s on the third floor of The Cosmopolitan Hotel and is truly a hidden little gem for pizza which really hits the spot around 5am after boozin’ and dancing all night…seriously.
  3.  Food is clearly important to me which is why it was #2 on the list and takes up most of this post. But anyway, onto #3…there comes a point in your life when waiting on lines is a thing of the past. Forget about the big clubs. Get lost in a lounge instead. Most of the time you can find a really good little spot right in the hotel you’re staying in. My bestie and I found ourselves at a little lounge we discovered right in the casino of The Cosmopolitan, called CliqQue. We sipped on cocktails and danced to old school R&B all night {{{HEAVEN}}}! Way better than a big club scene, if you ask me. The dancing and people shots are “private” but if you were following me on Snap or my Insta Stories, you would’ve had a front row seat. For now, here’s the bar area of my favorite lounge in Vegas.
  4. Wear bad ass shoes but still be comfortable. Unless you plan on taking an Uber everywhere, you will 100% be on your feet A LOT – walking, dancing, and God know what else. Of course you want to be the little sexy ass baddie that you are, but you still want to be comfortable, so make sure you take the right shoes. You definitely don’t want to be breaking in new shoes during this trip. I chose my OTK boots which has a chunky heel so I was up on my feet all night with no problem {insert cheesey smile…score!}! **Please disregard the mess in the room…you know, Vegas…
  5. Drink to your hearts desire, but don’t forget water in between. My poison was vodka martinis with a lemon twist most of my time in Vegas but I would jug water all morning and in between meals. That’s just the mom advice in me.

And finally, here’s what I wore when I was leaving sin city.

This beautiful fluffy jacket by Free People is the coziest thing you could ever wear. Dress it up and dress it down. It’s perfect with a sparkly party dress or with a t-shirt and jeans, as shown.

You can shop this coat by Free People HERE.

The t-shirt is white cotton v-neck from Saks and you can get it here.

The jeans are Rag & Bone and you get snap them here.

I swear it’s not a dog, and it’s not a throw. It’s the coziest, most comfortable coat I’ve had in a while. And it keeps me so warm! {Joy!!}

I hope you find these tips useful and take me up on some of my recommendations if and when you visit Vegas. Thanks for reading, and remember…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Party on, mi gente!

xo Karen

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Hahah I loved everything about this post! I’ve been to Vegas several times and hands down the food is my favorite part! Looks like you had an incredible time with an old friend and DEFINITELY did Vegas the right way.


Yes, I had a great time! Best part is that my hubby bought the tix for me AND my friend. Don’t know many guys that would send their wife and her bestie off to Vegas for a weekend, but that’s my guy! 🙂
Thanks for reading, babe.

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