Balance is key in life. I’m a Libra so it’s at the core of my being. And well, it’s no secret that I’ve been celebrating my birthday the whole month of October #birthdaymonth — I’ve been doing this since I was about 17 — not kidding. Anyhoo, I turned 40 this year (yay!!!) and as I’ve gotten older, balance in everything has been all the more apparent – just a little nugget. I thought it only appropriate as a Libra to talk to you about B A L A N C E … and suede.



I have been celebrating since Libra season began, and it’s not over yet! Some of my very good friends are Libras so of course I had to party with them in NYC. Then my husband took me on an amazing vacation to Turks & Caicos where I spent the actual day of my birth. And just this weekend, I had a great dinner in NYC with the family where I wore this little number. First of all, it’s suede and feels amazing to the touch. And this sweet delicate shade of blue is just so lovely. I immediately fell in love with this dress. It’s by L’Atiste out of Los Angeles. I snagged it in one of my local Korean boutiques I keep telling you guys about. Same goes for my adorable little bag. Don’t sleep on boutiques for a one of a kind look!

Here are a few other suede dresses I have my eye on.

Yes, please! It’s in P I N K {swoon}…you can get it here! And it’s similarly priced to mine.


This one is perfect with some over the knee boots! Check it out here.


I could never be mad at a faux suede dress that’s only $35…and with a choker as part of the dress…what?! Snag this one here!


My black D’orsay pumps are from Zara. You can find similar ones here from Gilt.


These are on sale by Steve Madden at Bloomingdales. I’m telling you, the straps make all the difference. I could walk in shoes like this for days. Grab them here.


~ Back to my little wisdom about balance ~

We’re all busy. Between work, meeting deadlines, home life, being a good wife and mom, taking care of a household, and making time for friends, it can get pretty hectic. It’s important to find time for all the things and people who matter most in life, but you also have to take care of yourself. So get your party on girl, but don’t forget some exercise, get plenty of water and greens, and don’t forget that beauty sleep to make sure you look your best in that form fitting suede.

Style and fashion have always been a big part of my life. Whenever I need a little pick me up, a new pretty little thing never hurts. And Lord knows I love me some fried chicken, pizza, burgers and fries like any other girl. But everything in moderation right? Scheduling exercise into my routine helps me fit right in the clothes I love so much #balance

Libra season lasts for one more week, but October is not said and done until my favorite, Halloween, so I’m not quite done just yet! I’ll rest in November…

Everyone should celebrate a “birthday month”!

What month do you celebrate and what sign are you?

xo Karen, aka flaca {wink}

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