The dictionary defines a romper as “a piece of clothing that is worn especially by children.” Ahem, clearly, the good people at Merriam-Webster haven’t taken the time to update the “meaning” of this word based on current day trends, because rompers are in! Can we stop to thank the lil baby Jesus for a minute?!

I love a good romper. I could live in a different one on every hot and lazy summer day.

I’m also a fan of prints and bright colors. You’ll never really find me in anything that’s not expressive of my mood or personality. It’s always a good idea to incorporate color somewhere in your look of the day, even if it’s just with a swipe of lipstick!

My style varies. I like big name retail like any other person, but most of all, I love finding local boutiques where I can find unique pieces for any season. I scored this adorable romper during a recent trip to San Diego. You can find more rompers like this one, and other fashionable clothes from Heavenly Couture.

me in romper

Here’s a look at some of my other favorite rompers of the season from other go-to shops.

Take a look at this adorable Leaf Print Romper from Top Shop. The pink and green color combo are killing me! Love!!

topshop romper


Then there’s this super cute and sexy version from REVOLVE. So sweet yet sultry {wink}…

revolve romper


You can never be disappointed by a purchase from ASOS who has this amazing style with a fresh pop of color, and you can’t be mad at the price either! So it’s a win-win!

asos romper

A romper can be defined any which way, but at the end of the day, it’s a perfect versatile summer piece.

And from the kid in all of us to the grown and sexy, what girl doesn’t love a good romper?

xo Karen

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These are so cute and you are working them! That’s too funny that the definition says, mostly worn by children lol! Let you inner child live! 🙂


Hey, thanks girl! I know right? The definition is hilarious. They need a 2016 version. Maybe they should have a millennial re-write the whole dictionary 😉


I love these! In the UK we call them jumpsuits lol. Im so lazy at picking out outfits that these suit me to a T. A quick and easy way to get dressed lol. Until you need to pee… kate x


LOLOL, YES!!! OMG, isn’t that the truth?! That’s the one downside to the romper. I don’t enjoy stripping down to my “unmentionables” when nature calls.

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