No Kidding. That’s what they say about raising kids, right?

My village is small but nevertheless…the hubby was away for a few days last week and wow. Good Lord and the lil baby Jesus! There’s just so much to do all on your own! Not that this is the first time I’m realizing it or have done it, but it’s been a while since I was left to my own devices with lil man. As part of regular day operations in the Edgar household, the hubs and I are a tag team and we work together to get everything done around the house and for our son. It kinda blows my mind when I think about it cause he’s only ONE lil guy but there’s a TON of stuff to do. It truly takes a village to raise a human being. I’m sure all parents can relate.

First day without our main man, we were all confident and ready to conquer the world with nothing but smiles.

day 1

Just chillin and happy after our first successful morning before heading off to school and work.


Maybe we were a lil too cocky cause the second day we were on our own looked a little like this.

Here’s the thing…I’m not a morning person, as evidence by this picture. My husband usually has the morning shift and I take the night duties. Do you see the misery in my eyes and my son’s body language? The good thing is looking at it now, it’s actually pretty comical. But trust…it definitely wasn’t funny that morning! We woke up so late and were running behind on everything…we were just mad at the world getting ready for our day. Just terrible…didn’t help that he was getting sick either. We made it though…whew.

not morning people

Day 3, we were tired but it was the last full day we were on our own.

I obviously didn’t go to the office { ahem, note the make-up free face }…I pretty much rolled out of bed to get him ready and fed before school.

day 3

A few tips that can help make your life easier on weekdays before school:

  • A quick yet healthy breakfast is key to making mornings easier…a few ideas and some of our favorites are:
    • Go-Gurt
    • Hard boiled eggs (I make about 5-7 in advance and refrigerate for the week)
    • Cereal
    • Bananas or strawberries
    • Milk
  • Prepping snacks at night for the next day is also a huge time saver…some of E’s favorites are:
    • Sliced peppers (red, orange or yellow – they’re sweeter and more fun than basic green)
    • Baby carrots
    • Ritz crackers
    • Pretzel nuggets
    • Goldfish
    • Animal crackers (they never go out of style)
  • Picking out clothes the night before can save you a lot of trouble in the morning (Layers are key. Checking the weather for the next day also helps…I happen to be addicted to checking the weather, but that’s for another story)


And finally, daddy’s back home, trying to get some sleep on a lazy Saturday morning after a long flight back home but we really missed him and cuddled so hard, he had to wake up. Even our dog Koda got in there…see that lil fur ball on his belly?!

daddy's home

Off to E’s baseball game. It was a close one…4 – 3. They’ll get ’em next time.


Our first day of having him back ended with a Hibachi dinner. E’s off watching the fire at another table with his buddy so I figured it was a good time for a quick selfie with my main squeeze. Even though he was only gone for a few days, it’s great to have him back, and I couldn’t appreciate him more!


Shout out to the people with multiple kids and all the single parents out there. It’s so hard when you don’t have help, and I’m in awe of how you get it all done!

How do you manage and try to make life easier when you’re a single parent, even for just a few days?

Like I said, it truly takes a village to raise little people, but this journey for me has been worth every single minute!

xo Karen

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Beautiful family! I admire your passion for blogging and sharing your life! You’re awesome Karen, thanks for visiting my blog again (:

to a bowl of sunshine a day


Thanks Vivian! You’re so sweet and congratulations on your blog! I’ll be back to visit 🙂
All the best!

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