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Everyone has insecurities. Curly hair is a good place to start with mine. First here’s a little background on yours truly.

My parents are from Ecuador and I’m first generation born in this country, but Spanish is my first language. I was the skinny, ‘awkward’ girl who didn’t speak English when I was little. I was practically raised by my grandma after school when my parents were both working so I didn’t speak any English when I started Kindergarten. To paint a little picture for you, I used to point at food and then to my mouth when I wanted to eat because no one could understand what I was saying! It was so bad that I was called an immigrant because I couldn’t speak the language { humiliating moments }. Thankfully, I picked it all up in school and learned along the way but wow, kids can be mean! And so the start of my insecurity began…

Onto the curls.

I’ve always hated my hair. In the mid-80s, my mom decided it was a good idea to give me a perm (it was the 80s…perms were big back then…don’t get me started). My hair wasn’t very long to begin with, and well, when the process was all said and done, I pretty much looked like Spanish Annie { yikes! }. Before that, my hair was straight and for some reason, that one little perm changed my hair forever. It’s like those chemicals seeped deep into the follicles, changing the texture of my hair for good – from straight to curly.

I remember how awful I felt about my hair and how I couldn’t wait for the curls to grow out but they never did. I used to spend so much time blowing my hair out or using a straightening tool to keep the kinks and curls out. It’s insane the things we women do for our maintenance and to feel beautiful.

Anyway, if you’ve read this far and know me from some of my previous posts, you’ll know that I have MS which makes it harder for me to do every day things. Straightening my hair is one of them, and so I guess that’s what it took for me to just be who I am and accept my curly hair. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still get a blow out every now and then but it’s nice to get out of the shower, put a little product in, and not have to worry about straightening my hair. I look in the mirror and my curls aren’t so bad { maybe it’s the awesome product I’m currently using…hmmmm……. }

It probably took me longer than it should’ve to be comfortable with who I am. But honestly, not much has changed.

I’m still the same skinny girl who can be awkward at times…but I’m cool with that! Not perfect. Not trying to be.

Curly hair don’t care!

xo Karen

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I love the curls, look so nice!


Thanks Lii! 🙂

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