Emilio's Rocks

I consider myself pretty lucky. I’m a full time working mom and I’m usually not with my son until at least 6pm. But there are days like today…I picked him up after school and we came home to do a little project with his rock collection. Just watching him think as he strategically placed each rock down in its spot made me so happy. When we were done, he saw I was going to take a picture and wanted to add a drawing of our dog, Koda, which just made me smile and hug him tight.

It’s easy to get caught up with all the shiny pretty things around us every day. I know because I do it too. But despite all the glimmer we’re presented with in magazines, on TV and social media, most of us are just living pretty normal lives, and if we’re lucky, it’s a good life, with a collection of really happy moments every day.

Even the rocks have happy faces!

Smiles and love,

xo Karen

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