the real me

As much as I’d like it to be, life is not all pretty and wrapped up with bows. Every one of us has to deal with something challenging, some hardcore reality, whatever that may be for us.

Here’s mine – I have my MS. It’s not ‘my thing’ cause there are SO many other things that I’m about, but yes, I have it. I was diagnosed 10 years ago, and btw, I hate saying “diagnosed” cause it makes me feel like I’m always sick, which I’m not. I’m a strong Latina full of life and energy, passion and sass. I can do anything.

You would probably even forget that I’m ‘sick’ when you see me in everyday life.

But it’s real. I have MS and it’s part of my life so I deal with it. I’m grateful it’s not so debilitating that it stops me from doing every day things that is easy to take for granted. I still want to be able to take care of my family, cook meals, turn pages in a book, glam up my hair, tie my own shoes and post about pretty little things, because that’s actually “my thing”…finding the beauty in everything and making the most of every moment.

Here I am in a wrinkled medical gown that’s way too big for me, getting ready for a scan…and posing for a selfie…

A girl should always try to look cute, right?

xo Karen

PS – pretty things to resume mañana

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Thanks for the love and support xo 🙂

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