forrest gump bench

My husband and I have traveled to beautiful places since before we were even married…Aruba, Italy, Hawaii, Paris, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico…you name it. 2014 was the year we went to Paris while our son, who was 4 then, stayed with my parents. Last year we decided that we would always take our lil man with us from now on, but let’s be real – international trips can be tougher with a kiddo, so for now, we’re keeping it domestic…at least until he’s a teenager. Let him earn that international mileage, am I right? Besides, how cool is it that he’ll be seeing beautiful places all over the USA while he’s still young, but yet old enough to make memories? I think it’s pretty badass for a 6 year old. This is from our trip in 2015 when we went to Charleston, NC and Savannah, GA, sitting on the Forrest Gump bench in Chippewa Square, Savannah. He was 5 then. See me doing my best attempt at keeping a straight “Forrest Gump” face with my hands on my lap? Meanwhile, my guys are straight up all smiles…love them.

Just a month and a half to go before we’re off to our next destination.

Stay tuned…

xo Karen

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